Volleyball Kicks Off COVID Style

Josilyn Wheat, Reporter

The Wayne City High School Volleyball Team is starting to have practices once again. The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) said that volleyball is a moderate risk sport. The team is starting practice on Monday, January 25th. They are not sure how long they are going to be able to practice during this time. The girls are very excited to be able to be back on the floor after several months of not being able to.

Sophomore Kelby Wood stated, “Not being able to play sports has been awful. I would have never imagined this happening. I am so thankful I get to be back on the floor with my girls once again!” The girls will know more in the upcoming week about their season from the IHSA. The IHSA is making a very hard decision right now, they know the good and bad about the risk of having a sports season.  “I am excited about being able to get back on the floor with my friends again. I thought we would not get a season due to the pandemic. Even if it is a short season, I will be thankful that we can play a little bit” says Senior, Lainey McKinney. The team is nervous for the news but also excited for the season they might get to have.