Polar Express in February?


Emma McCormick, Ad Editor

Due to the Polar Express event being canceled, FCCLA will be hosting a Valentine Fun Day in its place. The event will be on Friday, February 12, and it will be including activities throughout the day with raffle tickets that will be distributed to win gift baskets. The other school clubs have each donated a gift basket of $50 value to support the event. There will also be a snack cart with fresh drinks, popcorn for the students to enjoy during a Valentine Day themed movie, and even a Valentine’s Day coloring competition. FCCLA members should sign up for their role in Mrs. Miller’s classroom, which includes passing out raffle tickets, distributing snacks, judging coloring sheets, and showing each individual class the gift baskets they could potentially win. 


The movie will begin during second hour, and afterward, there will be coloring sheets and a game of Pictionary. The club members had put a lot of planning into the Polar Express, so the Valentine Fun Day will be similar to what they had originally planned. “I was looking forward to Polar Express this year, so naturally I was disappointed that it got canceled,” says FCCLA Vice President, Jaden Boyd, “but I am even more excited for the Valentine Fun Day because we don’t get to have many events in February.” The details are still being finalized, but any needed information will be on the announcements.