Winter Sports Are Back

Kendy Anderson, Reporter

A long awaited arrival, but it is finally here. Boys and girls basketball is back and in full go mode. The IHSA and the state have decided to start sports and practices with a little twist. Practices and games are limited, masks are required at all times, but everyones excited to be back in the gym. Basketball games do look a little different now, but the players couldn’t be happier. Cheerleaders are also back, athough they aren’t aloowed to actually cheer, they can stand on the side lines. Players are allowed two tickets per person, which may be tricky to decide. Everyone inside the gym is required to wear a mask on the court and on the bench. Attending away games no bystanders are allowed from the away teams. The girls started off their season with a win against Webber High School with a score of 44-37. The first games the boys played Cisne High School, winning with a score of 58-42. As for now the games are scheduled to be played, but in the future it could change due to COVID-19, let’s hope for the best. Technically volleyball isn’t a winter sport but starting in March the girls will play. Practices start in the beginning of March right when basketball is over. Everyone is looking forward to playing their sports this season.