Family, Friends, and Football

Kelcee Seymour, reporter

Super Bowl Sunday… the biggest, most celebrated night in American sports; when family and friends get together to watch football and snack on finger foods. This year was the 55th anniversary of the National Football League’s championship game… the Super Bowl. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers go head to head with their rival, the Kansas City Chiefs. Each team with an exceptional lineup and remarkable talent, who would earn the title of Super Bowl 55 champions? The Buccaneers are led by their quarterback Tom Brady while the Chiefs are led by Patrick Mahomes. Each player having outstanding records and talent, this game will be a close one. Both teams are stacked with the best of the best, whether it be defense or offense. After a hard fought game, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have claimed their victory over the Chiefs. This is Tampa Bay’s 2nd Super Bowl win. Their quarterback, Tom Brady, was a very valuable asset to the team. Brady was named Super Bowl MVP and has now earned his 7th Super Bowl ring, which is more than any other NFL player in the history of the sport. Almost everybody celebrates the Super Bowl. Senior Jakara Greenwalt said, “After the buccaneers made the second touchdown I knew Kansas City would have a hard time mentally being able to get through the rest of the game. I’m glad Brady and the Buccaneers pulled through and won the Trophy!”