Social Media & Scandals

Emma McCormick, Ad Editor

Anyone who has social media is aware of the influence on social media stars who get involved in a scandal, but is it always an affliction to their career? To have a large platform and get fame, it requires intelligence and some critical thinking skills. A scandal can put a spotlight on someone and bring them a good amount of publicity. There are some who may enjoy the attention, even if it is not considered positive attention, as long as they are getting it. Clearly, not every scandal is intentional, and a majority of them aren’t, but this is potentially a way to gain fame. 


Celebrities are watched very closely, their voice and opinions are important to their supporters and others. Social media has had a large impact on celebrities, society is constantly changing its norms and anyone in the industry is going to be looked at for flaws. Once someone posts something for the world to see, it is never going to be erased. This is especially true for social media stars, their platform is grown through the internet and they cannot make every person agree with them. This puts a lot of pressure on influencers, making it difficult to use their voice on the internet.