School is Back on Wednesdays

Josilyn Wheat, Reporter

School is now back to in person learning on Wednesday’s. The Wayne City School Board decided a few weeks ago to stay remote learning on Wednesday’s. Now, with mostly everything in the state opening back up, the school decided to bring back every remote kid to school for the rest of the school year. With all of the remote learning kids coming back to school, the students who have been in person learning all year get to see their kids that they have not seen since last March. Senior Kendy Anderson says, “I do not want to go back to school, because staying remote on Wednesdays was nice. It was a little break we got during the middle of the week.”  Many of the high school kids and teachers are stressed about going back to Wednesdays. The kids who are remote are going to have to get into the routine of getting up and ready to come to school.  “Going back to school on Wednesdays with so many students still at home for medical reasons adds a whole other level of stress since teachers are still making lessons for the students who are in person and at home,” said Mrs. Keen.