Valentines day or St. Patrick’s Day Fun Day

Kendy Anderson, Reporter

The first planned fun day started out as a Polar Express fun day for all high school students. Then, due to COVID-19 shut down, the event was later changed to a Valentines Day fun day with games and snacks. Since a snowstorm happened on Valentines Day, the event was then changed to a Valentines day Fun day in the middle of March. FCCLA has now rescheduled the day for the March 19 and the high school couldn’t be more excited. FCCLA and Mrs. Miller have a whole day planned for the high school. The day will be starting out with activities first hour with a coloring contests and snacks. Then, students will be moving on to second hour, and students will choose a movie they would like to watch.  After the movies end fourth hour there will still be plenty of activities to participate in.  When students participate in the activities, they can earn tickets to win a prize. The prizes are baskets and items given out and created by the school clubs. This is will be a fun day for the students and teachers. Come ready to win some tickets and prizes!