FCCLA Brings Easter Fun

Kylee Gregory, Editor

On Friday March 19, FCCLA has an activity day planned for high school students. Students should write a note of encouragement on a post-it note for the next group of students coming into the classroom after each activity.

Starting during the first hour, a coloring contest will be held. The first place winner will get $25, the second place prize is $15, and the third place prize will be $10. Winners will be announced during fifth hour and participants will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win a gift basket. Teachers are to encourage students to keep their crayons for later use throughout the day. During second through fourth hour, each teacher will be showing a movie in their classroom. Students were asked to sign up for their choice of movie beginning last week, anyone who did not choose one were placed in a random movie with open seats. FCCLA members will have “Crush” sodas and popcorn available during the movie that they will be bringing to the classrooms. 

Fifth hour, students are asked to help stuff eggs for the Wayne City Easter egg hunt on April 3rd. FCCLA members have been packing eggs all week to earn community service hours. Members will also be coming to classrooms to display gift baskets and pass out raffle tickets. Sixth hour, students are making Thinking of You cards for the local nursing home and filling more eggs after making at least one card. Students will now be able to put their raffle tickets in the jar of their choosing and winners will be announced at the end of the hour. Seventh hour will have a game of Valentine’s Kahoot or Pictionary, but participants also have the option to stuff more eggs. The event has been rescheduled several times due to snow days, but FCCLA members are excited to finally be able to give students a break from all their hard work.