Teachers’ Beliefs on Vaccine Mandate


Taj Mckinney, Reporter

Gov. J.B. Pritzker announced that all K-12 teachers, higher education employees, healthcare workers, and college students were to be mandated to receive the vaccine for the corona virus by September 5, along with the state wide mask mandate for all indoor activities starting August 30. If all mandated refuse to take the vaccine, then they will be required to test for the virus at least once a week. If refusal of both occurs, they will not be allowed to enter the building that is requiring the vaccine or testing. Local teachers at Wayne City Unit 100 have their own thoughts on the subject. They received an anonymous survey with a few questions asking their opinion of the vaccine mandate and whether or not it could possibly have an effect on their personal future of the educational field. When surveyed, 25% of the local teachers said that they agreed with the mandate for health reasons or because they believe that students’ learning will benefit. On the other side of the argument, 75% of the local teachers disagree with the mask mandate both due to health and non-health reasons. Some went as far to say, “He (J.B.) is a tyrant,” said one staff member. There was many different responses between all of the staff, but it seems to be overall not supported among local educators in district.