No Masks Mean Probation


Paige Greenwalt, Reporter

The Board decision was made on August 11 at Wayne City High School to recommend masks instead of requiring them like the governor mandated. This decision resulted in the Illinois State Board of Education putting the school on probation. It’s not just Wayne City on probation either, many other schools are in a similar predicament regarding mask wearing. It is not clear whether or not those schools are taking the steps required to get off of probation or not. Principal Eric Lingafelter quoted the three options to get off probation include a, “Copy of a parent letter informing of required versus recommended mask wearing, changing school reopening plan from recommended to required, and the last is to show the board’s minute votes have changed from recommended to required.” 

The school attendees were informed this past week that in order to enter the building staff and students must wear a mask. With this being said, everyone will be wearing masks starting Monday August 30. Although, it has not been announced whether or not this changes the state of the school’s probation. If the probation on Wayne City High School is lifted then the teachers and seniors won’t have to worry about seeing a full year of hard work taken away. The probability of losing this current years accreditation would still be high for other schools if probation issues are not addressed. Any one of the 51 schools could lose their recognition status if they do not submit a corrective plan by the 60th day. Not submitting the plan could lead to the student’s not receiving their diplomas.