Teachers’ Retirement at Risk


Jovi Horton, Reporter

Governor Pritzker has mandated that masks be worn for all schools. Wayne City Unit 100 has went against that mandate, and the district was placed on probation as a result. The school has 60 days from when they received the letter to come up with a corrective plan before disciplinary actions are put into place. Recently, teachers have heard of rumors that one of the consequences possibly being discussed by the state’s disciplinary boards is the teachers possibly may not get credit for this year. Although this rumor cannot be confirmed at this time, teachers would have to teach another full year before they could retire if this type of action was taken. As of now, 51 schools in Illinois are on probation for not complying with the governor’s orders, placing hundreds of teachers at risk of not getting to retire as planned if credit is not given for this year. Though no one is absolutely positive that this will happen, the possibility is still an issue for many teachers. When one of Wayne City’s High School’s teachers were asked about the situation they replied, “Whether the teachers are for or against masks, they have no control over the vote made by the district; therefore, their retirement should not be held hostage by the state.” Another teacher responded saying, ” That sounds like blackmail and governmental strong arming.” The question is, is it fair to the teachers to have to pay the consequences for something they didn’t decide on? Is this the right thing to do or is it just a scare tactic to get people to wear masks?