Limited Time and Losing Options


Madeline Boyd, Reporter

After the much enjoyed long lunch break last year, the shortened amount of time students have this year is a complaint of many. Along with this decreased time, students are also faced with a limited amount of lunch choices. These dilemmas stem from COVID-19 and are a few of the many changes the virus has brought to Wayne City High School. The adjustments pertaining to this school year’s lunch schedule have a simple reasoning: increased class time calls for a decreased lunch time. Whereas during last year, the 2 p.m. dismissal demanded shortened class periods, going back to a 3 p.m. dismissal increased class periods by ten minutes. Therefore, to fit all seven hours into the day, lunch was shortened for this school year. According to junior Grant Lewis, “The shortened lunch period doesn’t give me as much time to go up town and joke around with friends. I definitely prefer the longer lunch!” Similar to the shortened lunch time, students are also faced with the issue of limited lunch options. Due to the shortage of workers at Phillips 66 from COVID-19 and quarantining, they cannot provide as many lunch options to a large number of students. Overall the lunch period this year has faced major changes. Although students have received a portion of the normalcy they had before the virus, they had to sacrifice their extra lengthy lunch and a wide variety of options.