“Do-nut” Miss Apologetix!


Kelby Wood, Reporter

Apologetix met for the first time Friday August 27. The group meets every Friday morning at 7:30. It is a group many students get involved in at Wayne City. Students lead in a devotion, enjoy donuts and water, and visit with their friends. Occasionally, they will host a night of worship at First Christian Church in Wayne City. They also play a huge part in the worldwide “See You At The Pole.” This is an event where students, staff, and anyone in the community can join around the flagpole in prayer! This group every year has had a great turn out of students. Jovi Horton, a member of Apologetix, says, “Apologetix is a great way to get your classmates to become stronger in their faith.” This group is led by Mrs. Mays and Mrs. Sowa, who are both math teachers at Wayne City High School. They have both said that they are open to talk to students about anything troubling them. They love this group just as much as the students. It is a place of comfort where students can freely open up to their leaders and classmates. Addison Seidel, a member of Apologetix, says, ” Apologetix is my favorite part of the week!” This group is a great way bring Christianity into the high school.