Heat, Runners’ Worst Enemy

Diego Diaz, Reporter

Last Tuesday the first cross country meeting for Fairfield Mules at SouthWest Park was cancelled because the temperatures were expected to rise to 100 degrees at 4 pm, the exact time of the race.

School has started and with it, the autumn sports season. For cross country runners, the beginning is not the best ever, temperatures are way higher than other years at this point and, worst of all, humidity is hitting really hard.

The meet was cancelled a few hours before its start, the girls were going to run at 4 and after them the boys were going to compete. However, the weather was going as predicted and the coaches didn’t want anybody to get hurt because of the heat.

The members of the team had different reactions to the cancellation, some of them were disappointed because they were ready to race like JP who said, “I really wanted to run, because I wanted to see my progression from last year.”  Others were happy that it was cancelled, because, since this meet is the first of the season, some of the runners haven’t yet reached their full potential.

Despite the cancellation of this meet, the runners will be able to see their actual physical condition next Tuesday, September 6 when the first meet of the season will take place if everything goes as planned.