California Dixie Fire Runs Rampant

Beth Thompson, Reporter

On July 13, a spark ignited a fire that would be known as one of California’s largest wildfires. The Dixie fire started above the Cresta Dam in Plumas county. It quickly spread due to the severe drought and high winds, affecting surrounding counties; Butte, Lassen, Shasta, and Tehama. The Dixie fire has currently burned more than 765,635 acres of land and left over 400 buildings as nothing more than ash. Over 5,000 people have evacuated in order to stay safe from the fire. It has been theorized that the blaze may have started due to a tree falling on a power line, it is still under investigation. There have been no fatalities during the destruction, but 3 firefighters have been injured while fighting the inferno. Two citizens have also been severely injured. While wildfires can be devastating in multiple aspects, they can also be very beneficial for the environment by opening up the ground to sunlight, clearing heavy brush for new types of plants to grow, and even killing diseases and insects that can be harmful to the wildlife. Even though the fires are dangerous and leave a path of destruction behind it, that destruction can help ecosystems thrive. The fight against the Dixie fire is still going, and there is no telling when it will go out.