What Other Way To Start The Season?


Shelby Reed, Reporter

Wayne City cheerleaders have decided to buy new uniforms for their 2021-2022 cheer season. Looking sharp and winning the Conrad Allen Tournament last year the cheerleaders wanted to take another step up and look even better. “The new uniforms are so cute, and are going to make us look so good on the court,” said sophomore cheerleader Ayden Smith. The cheerleaders have been so excited about these uniforms and planning them out since before tryouts. Not only are the cheerleaders getting new uniforms, the basketball players have gotten new uniforms as well. For the cheerleaders, the uniform will consist of red, black, and white and the basketball boys uniforms will consist of one black, one grey, and one white uniform. The cheerleaders have worked very hard to get these new uniforms and have had to prove they have earned them. One way they are going to get these uniforms will be by having fundraisers and selling food. So, until the season starts the Wayne City cheerleaders will be keeping their uniforms a secret and showing them off on the first night out on the sidelines to surprise everyone.