About Herpetology

Jade Weaver, Reporter

If students are looking for a club to join, the herpetology club might be a possibility. The herpetology club gives students the chance to learn about reptiles and how to care for them. This year is the second year the club has been open. It is open to high school students and junior high students. The club is a fun way to learn about how to take care of reptiles. Students get to hold, feed, and learn about them. They can also gain community service hours by spending time in the club.

If students afraid of snakes, lizards, frogs, or turtles, this club might be the way for them get past their fear. Of course, members don’t have to handle the animals if they do not want to. There are other ways to participate in the club, such as changing food, recording information, cleaning habitats, or just observing the animals there.

Many Wayne City students enjoy being part of the club. Kaylae Bullard says,” The club is really nice and I enjoy doing it.” Chase Miller says, “Being around the lizards makes me happy.” So, students can join the herpetology club, even if it’s just for fun. They might make some friends, both animal and human.