Red Ribbon Team Returns


Addison Seidel, Reporter

The Red Ribbon Team is a club that promotes academic excellence through the prevention of substance abuse. This program is available for elementary, middle school, and high school although WCHS only provides it to the high school ages. The Red Ribbon Team is the oldest and largest drug prevention organization in the nation that reaches millions of people. This team puts on different activities throughout the year for the students.

The WCHS Red Ribbon Team puts on the Red Ribbon Week in October every year, a week filled with events in order to support the students’ drug free pledge. This week is filled with lots of different themed days where students dress up as the theme of that day. Past themes include: pajama day, cowboy day, Halloween day, and twin day. When asked what her favorite part of red ribbon week was, fellow classmate Lizzy Landreth said, “Pajama day is my favorite part because I like being able to be comfortable and staying in my pajamas all day.” This is not the only event Red Ribbon Team puts on throughout the year. They also do stupid cupid. Stupid cupid happens around Valentine’s Day every year. This is where students go around dressed up as cupid and “shoot” people with arrows and they cannot talk the rest of the day. Due to Covid-19, WCHS was unable to participate in Red Ribbon Week last year, Student Council took on some of the responsibilities like stupid cupid that in a normal year the Red Ribbon Team would have lead. When asked Junior Madeline Boyd said, “It is fun to see everyone freak out and be on edge to see who is hit with an arrow.” This team encourages  students to remain drug free by having fun and educating the student body on the severity of drugs and there effects.  If students think they would enjoy being a part of this team they can sign up in Mrs. Kissner’s office.