Adding Ads and Funds


Taj Mckinney, Reporter

The 2021-22 journalism staff, consisting of about 20 students, went around the surrounding areas such as Mt.Vernon, Mcleansboro, Fairfield, and Wayne City to sell ads to go in the back of the Wayne City Chieftan. They were split into multiple groups to go into the surrounding areas. One of the groups included Lucas Noe and he stated, “The ad sales were one of the highlights of my year already, and we aren’t even to midterm yet! I’m sad that this was the only year I did journalism and regret not doing it last year.” Another member of the journalism staff, Chase Smith said, “Ad sales was tons of fun and I wish we could do it all year! I love making stone cold cash!” Lucas and Chase went to Fairfield for their business dealings, along with some more local business’s.

Another journalism staff group also went to Fairfield and one of the members of the group, Paige Greenwalt, said, “I hated all of the driving because driving terrifies me, but other than that I had tons of fun and made lots of money.” The journalism staff at Wayne City makes over 15 thousand dollars every year to fully produce their yearbook while keeping it an affordable price for all the students that purchase them at the end of the year. The amount of phone calls from businesses and individuals that were received by the journalism staff this year kept phones ringing off the hook all over the community. The journalism staff hopes to make their quota of money, so that they can produce their amazing yearbook at the end of the school year once again.