Italian Education vs American Education


Giada Macchiaverna, Reporter

Have you ever been tired of your American high school and thought about moving to another country hoping that the school will be easier there? Well, the Italian education is pretty different from the American one. If you go to an Italian high school you will not find any kind of sports team, no dances, no yearbook, no lockers, and probably no student spirit. When I asked to A Wayne City student what she likes about our high school, she told me, “I really like the atmosphere of the sports teams and being so close to everyone.” In Italy you will not find this atmosphere because the Italian high school is focused on educating you more culturally than socially.

You may be wondering where and when kids play sports if not at school. First of all if you want to play any sports you have to pay a private company then, in Italy, like in America, you will have practices in the afternoon at around 8pm, since then you should probably need to study because you will have at least 4 assignments every day. Let’s talk about what subjects you will study. First thing that you need to know is that in Italy there are 5 years of high school and you will study the same subject every year! So be careful about what you want to learn in high school because it will be repeated. In fact there are different types of schools; the scientific, the classical, human sciences, linguistic, professional and a lot more. In all the high schools, you will study subjects like Italian, Mathematics, Chemistry, History, English, and Physics, but if you want to study Latin, Greek, Philosophy or other languages you could choose one of them. Italian high school may sound awful, but Chiara Sartorio, an exchange student from Italy, stated, “My high school has a lot of defects. But one thing that I will never change is that every year I am in the same class with the same people, so I have made many important friendships.” School is tough everywhere but, thanks to that, we can grow up and live the best experience of our life.