Looking Back at Accomplishments

Shelby Reed, Reporter

Legg Up cheerleaders had their first shot in the big competition at Walt Disney World last summer. As most should know Legg Up is the only tumbling, dance, and cheer academy in Wayne City. They had hoped to one day get this chance against many other teams yet little did they know it would happen last year. The cheerleaders had to get a bid to attend this competition and the only way to earn one was by what we would call “fighting for the spot.” As the first time attending this competition, all of the girls felt the need to show everything they had to earn a reason to be there. After a two and half minute routine and a long day of waiting, the team found out they got 22nd out of over 50 groups.

As the first time being there all of the girls were very impressed with the placement they earned. “I had a great time getting to compete here and experience this with everyone,” said senior Shelby Reed. With everything this team has worked so hard to get they are planning to work even harder for another bid this year and bring back the legacy they have made of themselves. Coaches and Staff worked so hard to help them get where they are now and will have to make many changes including making the team from a junior to a senior group knowing they will lose a girl after next year. The accomplishments these girls have made in the past year will help them to better themselves to do even better this year.