Fall Back, Spring into Sports


Grayson Habermaas, Reporter

With fall just starting up it’s time to talk about one of the most important things to Wayne City High School, its sports. With baseball and volleyball ending soon the big attention grabber, basketball, is starting up. 

Baseball is the first to be coming to an end, the team is led by 3 seniors this year. However, this is the fall season which is less significant for most then the spring season. Senior, Lucas Noe, has said “Our team has a lot of improving to do for spring baseball but I believe in our team.” This year the team is participating in a cooperative program with Webber baseball (as well with track and more), and the team has earned a record of 3-10 as of September 24.

Volleyball is ending soon after for the Indians, this year’s team has 3 seniors. Even though this year’s team only has a record of 5-9, Chase Smith has said, “The games are always electric and I always enjoy watching volleyball games.” This year’s crowd is back after not being able to reach full capacity due to COVID-19 and at these volleyball games they have shown how exciting it can be in the Wayne City gym. 

The real crowd stealer will be this year’s Indian’s basketball team. Starting their season on November 22, the Indians are favorites to win the conference once again after an exciting game that went down to the wire on March 12. This year’s team is expecting to have some amazing and exciting games now that the fans are able to be back. Before last year, the gym was always packed with fans and an electric student section. Spectators can expect more of the same or even better for this year’s team.