Thompsonville Tournament


Giada Macchiaverna, Reporter

On October 9, the volleyball team played against Thompsonville High School, Webber Township High School, Carrier Mills High School and Goreville High School in the Thompsonville Tournament.  The first game was between Thompsonville and Webber (0-2), the second one was Carrier Mills against Goreville (2-0), the third game was Wayne City against Webber. Unfortunately the girls experienced the first defeat, in fact the ladies lost the first and third match.

The fourth game was Thompsonville against Carrier Mills (0-2), the fifth game matched Wayne City against Goreville. Coaches felt this was the best game that Wayne City girls played in this tournament. They were focused and hardened, and they knew that we needed that victory to get in a good position in the rank. Goreville is known as a good team, but the Wayne City players were determined and won 2-0. The sixth game was Carrier Mills against Webber (2-0), the seventh game was Thompsonville against Goreville (0-2), and the eighth game was Wayne city against Carrier Mills. Even if they lost 2-0, this game was a challenge, Carrier Millis had not lost a match in the tournament. The second to last game was Goreville against Webber (2-1), and the last game was Wayne City against Thompsonville. Everybody was really tired, since they had been at the gym all day. This did not stop the athletes and they won 2-0, concluding the entire tournament. No one knew their position, because the referees needed to count the difference between the points of three teams. Wayne City High School came in second place, and two girls also won the all tournament team, Addison Seidel and Giada Macchiaverna. After the awards, Addison stated, “I am very excited to make the all tournament team with Giada, because it is my first all tournament team for volleyball.” This was a big goal for the volleyball team.