Photo contributed by Twilla King

Taj Mckinney, Reporter

With the winter sports coming up, such as basketball for girls and boys, the students and the players are getting excited for the upcoming season. Covid-19 affected the season for both girls and boys last season by cutting the season to less than 15 games, when it is usually over 30. There was a very low amount of fans allowed in the gym last year, ranging anywhere from 2-8 fans per player. This year will be much different due to the fans being fully allowed in with no restrictions. Lucas Noe, a senior this year on the boys basketball team, said, “I can’t wait for this season to start up. We have been working all summer to get better at the game and make this season, being a full season with regionals, count.”  The season is set to start as usual with the Christopher Tournament, also known as the Turkey Tourney, starting over Thanksgiving break. Right now Wayne City is projected to be playing Zeigler Royalton in the first round of the tournament. The team starts practice in the next two weeks, and the team is looking to go all the way. Senior, Risten Kell, said, “This will be my first year on the varsity team, and I am looking forward to playing with the team. We have been looking forward to it all summer long and can hardly do anything else with our time.” The coach of the team, Jake Talbert, said, “This is one of the most fun teams I have gotten to work with in my short time coaching, and I can not wait for the beginning of the season with my team.”