Benefits of Joining Journalism


Beth Thompson, Reporter

When choosing classes for junior or senior year, make sure to sign up for journalism! Journalism is a class that is useful for numerous reasons. If individuals are interested in going into a career involving writing or photography, they can learn about them and get more experience. All students get to write articles and have them published on the schools website. Journalism members can use this to get important news about the school and the world to fellow classmates, all while improving one’s writing ability in the process. “Journalism is a great way to work on your writing skills while also getting to make the yearbook, I love this class,” stated Shelby Reed, senior. As for photography, all will learn about how cameras work, and how to use them. Students can also practice with them while taking pictures for the yearbook. Yearbook, the main job of any journalism student is helping bring their yearbook to life. The yearbook staff spends a lot of time taking photos of events and daily life, finding the right pictures for the page they are working on and coming up with fun captions to match. Another good thing about journalism is being able to make new bonds with people. “It’s a really fun class, you get to connect with new people while working on the most important book in your high school years,” said Jade Weaver, junior. Many people have benefited from being in journalism and hopefully many more will too.