Wheeler Benefit

Lizabeth Landreth, Reporter

The Wayne City Lady Indians are starting to bring there season to an end. They have only three games left with one tournament and regionals. On October 21, the lady Indians will be having their senior night a long with a benefit for the family of the five year old girl named Wheeler who sadly passed away from a complication after a surgery. The Wayne City volleyball team decided that they wanted to do something to show the family that they had more then just their family and friends here supporting them in this time of grief and need. The girls are having t-shirts made to play in and sell to the public to raise money for the family. Along with the t-shirts, the girls also got the FFA to help out by doing food by donations on Thursday. The administration also agreed to give all the money they make at the gate to the family. “I am very thankful to be able to help support the family during this tragic time. Even though we could never do anything to take the pain away from them, it feels good to know that we are making some sort of difference in there lives,” stated Junior, Addison Seidel. The Wayne City lady Indians volleyball team have always tried to find ways to help out in the community. “I am really happy that we are getting the chance to help out at our last home game. The circumstances are obviously not ideal and it is very sad that we are having to fundraise for a little girl who passed away, but it feels really good to help them out,” stated Senior Lauren Bass.