Turkey Tourney


Grayson Habermaas

This year’s Indians team kicks it off at the annual Christopher Turkey Tournament on November 22, last winning it in 2016. Due to their exceptional play and expectations, the Indians are expected to be seeded second in this tournament. The team’s first official practice starts in nearly a month and they are not looking to slow down for the season. 

The team led by junior Justin Durham and senior Taj McKinney has a great supporting cast around the duo. Last year, the Indians were used to working inside the paint while most other teams focused on their three-point shooting. This year, the team is surrounded by more shooters and can be expected to have a higher percentage of threes this year, taken and made. While last year Justin Durham’s game consisted mostly of the post game, he has shown in summer and in open practices that he has a shot that he consistently knocks down now. His brother, junior Jonny Durham, has also shown his improvement and can be used very well in the offense this year for this team. Due to certain circumstances, Jonny did not play last year, but he has shown so far that his game has not slowed down, and he can be the combo guard they needed. 

With players coming back from injuries and the improvement of everybody on the team, they are looking for much more than just a conference championship this year. Coach Jake has said, “I like to think we have a chance to win it and we could go against anybody else in this tournament.”