Classes Battle for Top Seat


Paige Greenwalt, Reporter

Battle of the Classes, a Wayne City High School tradition, is a tradition that consists of fun games including: tug of war, basketball, volleyball, board games, corn hole, Hungry Hungry Hippo, and so much more. On November 12, all four classes had the chance to compete against one another to win a prize. This year, the juniors took the win but the prize has not yet been decided. Students first competed in musical chairs, but this game was not as easy as it would seem especially with senior, Rileigh Irwin in the game. Defeating all 39 of her opponents, Rileigh took the win for the Seniors. “It feels good to win, and to know that I fought for it, even if I was doubted by everyone else. I’m so happy I won, and that I took the win for my senior class,” said Rileigh. After the musical chairs game was over, the competitors from each team got ready to play real life Hungry Hungry Hippo. This exciting game was set up almost exactly like the real game, except the hippos were the students being pushed by their feet on a gym scooter. Junior Diego Diaz, a foreign exchange student, enjoyed Battle of the Classes immensely. “I really liked Battle of the Classes, because in Spain we do not do anything like that, and it was something new and exciting,” said Diaz.

The winners of this year’s Battle of the Classes were the juniors, and although each class fought hard, the Junior Class came out on top. The ending ranks left the seniors in second, sophomores in third, and freshmen in fourth. Freshman Case Greenwalt stated, “I think it was an event I will remember for the rest of my life!”