Meet The Indians


Jovi Horton, Reporter

Meet the Indians is going to be held on Saturday, November 20th at 6 p.m. It is a night where the whole town is invited to come to the Wayne City High School gym to meet the high school boys and girls basketball team and the cheerleading team. The members of each team are introduced and there are a few games that the teams will play. Each player will also be able to take pictures with friends, family, and anyone else who would like to get a picture with them. Previous high school boys basketball coach, Jim Corrona, started this event three years ago. It is never exactly the same as the year before. Something about the event always changes, even if it is just a different game. Due to COVID-19, they were not able to have Meet the Indians last year.

Jake Talbert a Wayne City High School teacher and new head boys basketball coach said, “It will be a fun and exciting night for our community and it gives the younger kids a change to connect with the high schoolers, no matter if they are a part of boys or girls basketball or cheerleading.” This will be the first year that Mr. Talbert will be planning Meet the Indians. This event is a good way to get the community to support the teams and to get to know them a little better before the games start. “This years Meet the Indians was my favorite one so far, I had fun playing the games with the other boys and fans,” stated junior boys basketball player, Chase Smith.