Sweet as a Christmas Cookie


Kelby Wood, Reporter

Every year around Christmas time, Wayne City’s FCCLA does something for the children. In years past, they have done a breakfast with Santa, and all the kids have enjoyed it. Due to Covid-19 last year, they were unable to do the event. This year, FCCLA decided one day during a officer lunch meeting that they would change it up a little bit. A community group in town called, “Wayne City Matters” throws a Christmas parade every year. This year, the event starts at seven in the evening on Saturday, December 11. Cookie decorating will be held in the community building from five to seven. The kids will decorate their sweet Christmas cookies while waiting to see Santa. The FCCLA members will be dressed as Santa’s working elves. They will be around to help all the kids and get them excited to see Santa. FCCLA president, Jovi Horton says, “I’m excited to dress up as an elf, I think the kids will really enjoy it. This is a good chance to interact with the kids, and I think it’ll get all of them into the Christmas spirit.” FCCLA works really hard to come up with ideas to include the community and children. The amazing lady in charge, Mrs. Miller loves this club and has been running it for twenty seven years. Madeline Boyd, a member of FCCLA says, “We live in a smaller community, so it is much easier to get plugged in and involved. I don’t want to just live in a town, I want to actually be apart of it. By volunteering and serving, it makes me feel more connected to the people around me, and I know it can impact others in a positive way.”