Conrad Allen Holiday Tournament

Lizabeth Landreth, Reporter

With the Winter season coming fast, the Wayne City Highschool boy’s basketball team prepares for the annual Conrad Allen Tournament that they host at the Highschool. The Conrad Allen Tournament begins on December 11 and it ends on December 18. There are 10 teams that participate in the Conrad Allen Tournament including, Wayne City, Webber, Cisne, Grayville, Crab Orchard, Gallatin County, Edwards County, Sandoval, North Clay, and the SIUE Charter School. In the past four years, the Wayne City students have not taken home a first place trophy for the tournament, but this year the boys are determined to take home a big win. The Conrad Allen tournament has been a big part of Wayne City Highschool history. This year will be the 67th annual Conrad Allen Tournament. The first year the tournament was ever put on was in 1954.

The tournament has been creating a long list of amazing memories for the fans and the basketball team that have been a part of the Tournament. Last year, the Highschool did not host the tournament due to COVID-19, but the year before, the Wayne City boy’s team took home second and the Wayne City Highschool cheer team took home first place against Woodlawn. Senior Taj McKinney has mixed feelings about playing in the Conrad Allen Tournament for the last time, and he stated, ”It is honestly bittersweet. I have gotten to play in the tournament 3 years of my High School Basketball career, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I have made so many memories playing in this tournament, and it has been an honor to represent Wayne City Highschool for the past four years.” The holiday tournament is not just a big week for the Basketball team, but it is also a big week for the Cheerleaders. Two years ago, the Cheerleaders took home second place in the Conrad Allen Tournament. They compete against all 10 cheer teams.  Jovi Horton stated, “I think that the hardest part about competing would be being in front of so many people. It is already really nerve racking cheering in front of judges but we are also cheering in front of like 100 people. It is also my first year being back to compete because the last two years I was hurt and COVID hit last year, so this year is the first year that I will be competing.” The Conrad Allen will continue to be a long lasting tradition at Wayne City Highschool and will forever have a place in so many people’s hearts.