Every Penny Counts!


Madeline Boyd, reporter

Every four years, the Wayne City History Club has a penny war as a fundraiser, along with the annual trivia night. This war is a competition between freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors and gives each class the chance at first place, as well as a prize of a pizza party with pizza from wherever they choose. This fundraiser takes place over a span of a week and updates are announced at the end of every day. The whole point of the war is for a class to have the highest amount of pennies in their jar, but other classes can sabotage them by putting anything else in the jar that are not pennies. By doing so, the amount of money is decreased. This fundraiser is enjoyed by most, as it brings each class together and lets them compete against their peers. When asked what their thoughts on it only taking place every four years were, sophomore Gracie Loker stated, “Although it’s a very successful fundraiser, I think it makes sense that we only have it every four years because if we did it annually we would have a surplus of money that wasn’t being used or needed.” 

This year, after a week of a very up and down race, the seniors arose victoriously. This came as quite a surprise after being in last almost all week, and as Mr. Choate stated, “barely scraping by to even be in the competition.”  In the end, the ranking stood from first to last as: seniors, freshman, sophomores, juniors. The total amount raised by all four classes was around $1,100.  

As each class had their own strategy to win this competition, junior Trevor Bailey kept a bag full of change which he carried around with him all week. His fellow classmates pulled all their change together and kept it in the bag. It became iconic for the week and everyday people were eager to see how much had been added. “For the whole week, I carried around a big bag of pennies, which started getting pretty heavy. I weighed it the day before I turned it in, and it was a whopping 17 pounds,” commented Trevor.