Get The Buzz on Scholar Bowl

Trevor Bailey, Reporter

Toss up, what sport is a competitive game of trivia? The correct answer is scholar bowl. states that scholar bowl is a 4 versus 4 academic sport where trivia questions are asked and whoever ¨buzzes in¨(presses the button placed in front of every player) first gets the chance to answer the question for their team. If you are unable to answer the question right, the opposing team has 5 seconds to press the buzzer and rebound the question to gain the points for their team.

When asked what her favorite part of being on the scholar bowl team, junior Madeline Boyd said, ¨My favorite thing about scholar bowl is saying I don’t like scholar bowl. Because me and the rest of the team know I´ll continue showing up, and I’ll join next year. It has kind of just became a part of the whole experience and is a running joke between some of us on the team.¨

Junior Jovi Horton said, ¨One thing I love about scholar bowl is how me and Madeline just make jokes the entire time and say we won´t do it next year when everyone knows good and well we will every year. This is also the first year Madeline and I have been on varsity, and we for sure carry the team. (even though we never buzz in).”