Cheering in Tribe Territory


Paige Greenwalt, Reporter

As the boys start off the basketball season, they have the crowd ready to cheer them on. Pep Club has not been a big deal for a few years, until this volleyball season. It made a comeback with mostly the basketball boys and a few other students there to support the girls volleyball team. Now, it is time for basketball and it is clear that Pep Club cheers have a huge impact on the environment of the game. Junior Tommy Bruns said, “My favorite part about the games is being able to yell all our cheers we have, for example, ‘You walked you traveled you took too many steps next time you want to travel take the B-U-S!'” Recently, the boys basketball team won first place in the 2021 Conrad Allen Holiday Tournament. Every night of the tournament, Pep Club had specific themes of clothing to wear. The first night of the planned themes was Dec. 13, and school spirit was chosen, Dec. 15 was jersey night, Dec. 17 was PJ night, and the 18 (championship game) was red-out. Junior Madeline Boyd stated, “Pep club has been one of the highlights of the year because the energy is so good and it gives us something to look forward to, on top of already being excited to watch the game. After having two boring years, it has become so much fun to dress up together and cheer as loud as we can. Being apart of pep club can change your high school experience for the better.” The next game that has a set theme will be January 25, and it is “white lies.”