Fourth in History


Addison Seidel, Reporter

On January 11, the Wayne City Indians faced off against the Gallatin County Hawks on Wayne City’s court. In the second half of the game, senior, Taj McKinney, was fouled with the ball, which led to him shooting 2 free throws. He stepped up to the line for the first free-throw, not knowing what making it would mean.

With the swishing sound of the net the first free-throw was good, but instead of continuing on to shoot the second free throw, the game was stopped by Mr. Lingafelter, the principal, with an announcement of Taj scoring his 1,500th career point. He is now 1 out of 4 players in Wayne City history to ever have his career total reach that total or higher. Teammate Lucas Noe said, “Although Taj didn’t, I knew he was about to accomplish this goal.  When I saw he was going to shoot those free-throws, I knew it was about to happen.” Last year, the boys basketball season was cut from the average 33 games all the way down to 14 games due to Covid-19 restrictions. The Indians are now 17 games into their 33 game season. Playing only half a year last year, with only half of his senior year done, McKinney has already reached this large milestone. When asked how he felt about his milestone, McKinney stated, “I am excited to have gotten it, although I had no idea I was so close. It is a little upsetting that, with only half a season, it will be hard to be number 1. However, with everything that has happened I am still proud that, with the help of my teammates and coaches, I was able to reach the 1,500 points.”