Two for Two


Jovi Horton, Reporter

The Wayne City High School cheerleading team has gone two-for-two placing 1st place. WCHS cheerleaders placed 1st  in the Christopher Tournament they won by two points and at the Conrad Allen Holiday Tournament they won by fifty points.

Coach Connie McNeil says, “I’ve attended the Christopher tournament for seven years as a coach. Our team asked me if I thought we had a chance to win. I thought about it seriously and told them I thought we were top three. I did not expect them to win though. A great cheer team is about a lot of different things, not just one thing in particular. I’m super proud of the work this team has put in and how they preform. I’m even more proud of the confidence they’ve gained as a team.”

The girls will be judged once again before the season is over. This will be either Wednesday, January 19 or Thursday January 20 at the MTC Tournament. It is the last tournament of the season, and they need to win in order to be undefeated this cheer season. Each tournament has a similar but different score sheet that that girls will get judged by, so they do not know exactly how they will be judged each time. Most of the common areas in which they are judged include floor cheers, sidelines, crowd involvement, stunts, and tumbling. Senior Taylor Catron says, “I was really shocked when we won because I wasn’t expecting to win either time. Now I can’t wait to see how we do at the MTC tournament!”