Make Goals & Achieve Them


Giada Macchiaverna, Reporter

New Year’s Eve is the day where people celebrate the end of the previous year, but it is not just that. New Year’s Eve is usually the time when most people set their goals for the upcoming year. After a couple of weeks into the new year, the majority of people give up their targets and wait for the next year to do the same thing and throw the towel in again.

However, among all these people that set goals, there are a few of them who actually take their goals seriously and try really hard to complete them. I plan to “finish my last semester of high school and first semester of college with all A’s,” senior Lauren Bass stated when asked about her academic goals for the new year. There are a lot types of goals, academic, athletic, and other types. Junior Jonny Durham stated, “In this new year, I am going to try to focus more on getting better at basketball, and my goal is to score 15 points in a varsity game, whether it is this season or the next one.” There are also life related goals. These goals are possibly the most difficult ones, because they mean that a person has to change their way of behaving around people. Junior Paige Greenwalt set one of these for the year. “My goal is to always be thankful for every little thing, even if it does not seem important at the time,” stated Greenwalt. Some ways to achieve these targets could be to fill out a daily planner of planned activities, set short term goals to reach the long term ones, or even share the goals with a friend to have an accountability partner. Many experts believe, setting goals and reaching them is very important, because it helps to improve oneself more and more.