MTC Tournament


Lizabeth J Landreth, Reporter

After the big win at the Conrad Allen Tournament, the Wayne City boys basketball team still have much to prepare for in upcoming games. The MTC tournament starts January 17, and it will be played between Wayne City High school and Webber Township High School. The MTC is a tournament between Wayne City, Sandoval, Christ Our Rock Lutheran, Woodlawn, Webber, and Cisne high schools.

The Wayne City boys team brought home first place at the MTC tournament last year, after they beat the Woodlawn Cardinals. Due to COVID-19, last year’s games went a little different than the games will this year. The MTC tournament is the last tournament of the season, and the boys and the cheerleaders are hoping to bring home a big win. After asking, senior, Lucas Noe how he felt about the tournament this year, he stated, “I think the tournament this year will be fun. I am happy that everything is back to normal and we can actually have the tournament like normal this year.” Last year, the tournament was a little different due to COVID-19 protocols. This year, the fans get to travel to the games and cheer the boys onto victory. When asked how they feel about fans getting to attend this year, Junior, Grayson Habermaas stated, “I am happy that we get to have fans this year. It is so much fun being able to have the fans and parents there to cheer all of us on. It feels so much better playing having people cheer us on. I feel like we always play so much better. and I am very excited to finally get to play in the tournament and hopefully take home the win.”