FCCLA Fellowship


Paige Greenwalt, Reporter

Get ready for a week full of sticky notes with meaningful messages on lockers,  secret member gifts for the members, a canned food drive, and a memorable time for all of the students. Family Career Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) started in 1945 and the tradition of FCCLA week will go on and be held February 14-18. First, the members will put sticky notes on students lockers, bathroom mirrors, or even a teacher’s desk. “Sticky notes are a great way to spread kindness and possibly put a smile on someone’s face. You never know what such a small gesture could do for a person’s day,” said member and junior, Kelby Wood. Another fun activity FCCLA members do is draw names for secret members. Each day of the week the members that decide to participate in this fun activity will give and receive a small gift. These gifts are usually around five dollars and it is always a great treat to receive. The “secret members” activity is always a fantastic opportunity to just give back to fellow members and be able to spread a little bit of kindness. Junior Jovi Horton stated, “It is a fun thing to get to do every day and getting to know someone is thinking of me. I also enjoy getting to do that for someone else and hopefully brighten their day.” The last community service project to be held this week will be having all students bring in canned food to donate to a local food drive. This will be a competition between classes to see who can donate the most for a prize at the end of the week.

FCCLA advisor Laura Miller stated, “I always look forward to the uniqueness of  FCCLA week.  It is different each year depending on the members and what they want to do.  One of their favorite activities is Secret Members.  Participating members give a small gift each day during FCCLA week to their “secret member”.  Members look forward to it each day!  I also enjoy seeing FCCLA members give back to others during the week each year through community service projects.”