Every Drop Counts


Kelby Wood, Reporter

February 22 from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm Wayne City High School’s FCCLA will be having a blood drive. This event will be held in the Wayne City High School Performance Gym. Students of the age of sixteen and older can donate blood with a parental consent form. Most all FCCLA members will be out of class throughout the day helping with the blood drive. The members will help at the registration desk along with passing out snacks and drinks to the donors. The FCCLA club has been putting on the event for at least twenty two years. Due to COVID-19, last year they were not able to host the event. Leader of FCCLA Laura Miller states, “After a year off, I am very excited to host the blood drive once again. At the last blood drive in 2020, the American Red Cross requested that we expand and host it in a bigger space since we have hosted many successful drives in the past.”

This year is the first time in ten plus years  FCCLA will not be hosting the drive in Mrs. Miller’s classroom. President of FCCLA Jovi Horton says, “I like that FCCLA puts on a blood drive. It is something that nobody else in the high school does, so it is kind of our own thing we all enjoy putting on. My favorite part about helping with the blood drive is passing out snacks!” In past years there have been several Wayne City students donate blood, and some seem to enjoy it. Why not give it a try? Every drop counts!