Wall of Art


Giada Macchiaverna, Reporter

This year the Art class decided to draw a mural on the wall of their art classroom. The idea of making this mural came from the desire to make the Art class’s walls more colorful and to impart joy. Because it was part of the seventh period curriculum, it was a great opportunity for the teacher, Misty Boyd, to grade her students. The art teacher Miss Misty Boyd stated, “I was super excited about creating the mural until we began. Then, that excitement kind of turned into panic thinking that it was such a big undertaking and that it would be on the wall for all to see. However, as we have continued to work on it and can see it start to come together, it is getting exciting again. The kids have worked really hard and are learning a lot of new skills that will hopefully serve them well in the future.” The students of seventh period drew and painted the mural, under the supervision of Miss Boyd, and they also planned its design. Junior Trevor Bailey commented, “I have never realized how much preparation it takes to paint a mural.” Mrs. Boyd instructed them to draw their ideas on a piece of paper, and then they combined them all together in one. Junior Ethan Inman mentioned that the mural was “a work of art that was quite the pleasure to make.” In the background of the mural, the class decided to represent “The Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh, and in the foreground each letter in the word “ART” represents something meaningful. The design of the letter A is inspired by “The Son of Man” by René Magritte, and to form the letter R, there is a bonfire and two arrows. The students decided to use these two objects because they are meaningful to students at Wayne City High School. The letter T represents “Water Lilies” by Claude Monet. To draw or hang anything on the school’s walls it is necessary to get the approval of the Superintendent, Myron Caudle, and of the principal Eric Lingafelter. They gave their approval and the school paid for all the materials that the class needed, because this project is part of the curriculum of the class. Senior Kaylee Evans says, “It is unfortunate that I will not be able to see the mural very much due to me graduating soon, but at least I got the chance to be involved in making something that will be a semi-permanent part of the school.”