No Go for Snow Go


Diego Diaz Magro, reporter

Just like a repeat of last year, Wayne City High School had to close its doors from February 2-4 due to a big amount of snow. In total, 4 inches of ice and snow fell. The roads were completely iced, which made for a dangerous trip for anyone who dared to go outside of their home. It also resulted in the cancellation of a boys’ basketball ball game on Friday, February 4. When asked, junior Justin Durham says, “I’m pretty bummed that our game got canceled. We were supposed to face Duquoin and I was looking forward to it. I had high hopes because we had lost the two previous games, so I thought this was our chance to end our losing streak. Also the pep club theme was planned to be whiteout and I was excited to see everyone’s outfits.” 

With this time out of school, and since the state took away Snow Go days, students now had extra free time and they did exactly what one would expect at a time like this… played in the snow. They did everything from riding four-wheelers around while pulling a sled, to having snowball fights, and even driving snowmobiles. This was the perfect snow to do so because it packed an incredible snowball. Junior Grant Lewis states, “I spent my day like everyone else did. Me and my friends rode our four-wheelers all day and had the best time. I love the snow and wish we got it year round. My friend Madeline jokes that I like it so much because it matches my cold heart, but we both know that that’s not true.”  

Even though schools have grown exponentially in the ability to do remote learning, our school does no longer participate in Snow Go days. These were made solely for the event of harsh weather that prevented school from being in session. Schools now have to go back to the previous way of snow-day-education, making up for up to five days missed at the end of the year. Students and faculty have mixed feelings about this but the most prominent thought is that they wished they could just continue these Snow Go days. Math teacher Mrs. Mays’ opinion is, “We spent so much time in lockdown preparing for remote learning so it is available to us. It just doesn’t make much sense to quit using that resource now, esspecially when other schools are using them.”