FCCLA Fun Day!


Kelby Wood, reporter

This year FCCLA fun day will be hosted on March 24. This is the day after the Juniors take their SAT testing, so this will be a good resting day for them. This is a community service day. Advisor Laura Miller assigned each second hour class and sixth hour class a clean-up duty. High school students will be cleaning in town for service work and in the school for prom that coming Saturday, March 26. Junior Jovi Horton says, “I think it is a good idea to clean in our community and I am really happy for a free day off of school work.”

On fun day, first hour students will be filling Easter eggs for the Wayne City Matters community egg hunt. Second hour will involve litter clean up. Each class is assigned a duty around the outside of the school and community. Third and fourth hour students will watch a movie and hang out until lunch time. The Junior class will be going around with snacks you can purchase. They are fundraising for their senior trip. Fifth hour all students will be given five tickets to put in a basket all donated by classes or clubs of Wayne City high school. During this time, there will be an ice cream sundae bar. Lastly, sixth and seventh hours the students will be cleaning the school and setting up for prom. If students finish early, Karen Johnson, PE teacher, is going to have either a dodgeball game or a kickball game going on until it is time to go home. Senior Lizabeth Landreth says, “I am looking forward to having a day with no school work. I am especially looking forward to the movie we will be watching.”