Royalty in the Making

Lizabeth Landreth, Reporter

Prom is one of the biggest events of the year at Wayne City High School. Pretty dresses, done up hair and make-up, and a whole lot of dancing. One of the most exciting parts is prom court. Prom court is a group of students from each high school grade. Two freshmen, two sophomores, two juniors, and five seniors are chosen to be on prom court every year. Two boys and two girls are picked from every class. The five seniors are chosen as king and queen candidates. The freshman chosen this year are Brylynn Wallace, Peirce Bryan, Josie Greenwalt, and Joel Beehn, the sophomores are Graceland Loker, Mason Kelly, Alexis Greene, and Caleb Mason, and the juniors are Kelby Wood, Chase Smith, Madeline Boyd, and Justin Durham. The king and queen candidates are seniors Taylor Catron, Taj McKinney, Lauren Bass, Lucas Noe, Lizabeth Landreth, Cesar Calderon, Chelsey Greenwalt, Ethan Thomason, Rileigh Irwin, and Risten Kell. The Master and Mistresses of Ceremonies are Nick Lambert and Ellie Dickey. They are also seniors, and they will announce Prom Court. Prom Court is an honor to be on, and many people want to be on the court. After serving on prom court for the last two years, Junior, Kelby Wood stated, “It makes me nervous every year, but I really enjoy being a part of it.”