Uncertain Times

Giada Macchiaverna, Reporter

February 24 2022, Russia began a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. 

The relationship between Ukraine and Russia had not been stable for weeks, but no one expected the actual start of this war. At the end of February, the Russian president Vladimir Putin recognized the Republic of Donetsk and the Republic of Luhansk as Russian, ignoring that those republics are part of Ukraine’s territory. The situation is very delicate because the rest of the world cannot help Ukraine fighting against Russia because Ukraine is not part of NATO. NATO is a military alliance between most European countries and the USA. If NATO would intervene in this conflict, World War III would probably start. Nobody would have ever bet on Ukraine, but they are defending their territory very well. According to Newsmax, Zelenskyy, the Ukaraine president, accused Russia of carrying out genocide after Ukrainian officials said Russian aircraft bombed a children’s hospital on Wednesday, burying patients in rubble despite a ceasefire deal for people to flee the besieged city of Mariupol. (Read more: Ukraine Accuses Russia of Genocide After Bombing of Children’s Hospital | Newsmax.com). 

Like in every other war, the only ones who are actually losing are the civilians, especially women and children. A treaty of peace is something that still seems unachievable at this point, because the two presidents cannot find a solution that they both think is equal and right for their countries.