Warwhoops of the Past


Shelby Reed, Reporter

When comparing the Warwhoop printed school newspapers from the 1980’s to the online version created now, the articles have changed drastically. Before, the newspapers were printed and given out at school. Now the articles are on the online website, thewarwhoop.com. Students had the opportunity to hold onto the paper articles as keepsakes. The online articles are archived in the website. Examples of headlines from the old articles from the 1980’s included Poison’s “Every Rose” Chosen As Prom Theme, Adult Living Class Hosts Mock Wedding, Can You Name These WCHS Couples?, Semester Honor Roll, WCHS Students Invited To Prom Dress Sale, Juniors Take PSAT, Easter Bunny Visits FHA Party At Park, and Seven Students Named Illinois State Scholars). Headlines for the new articles include Sweet Treats Sold Here, Two For Two, Every Drop Counts, Wall of Art, and No Go For Snow Go).

The structure of the Warwhoop articles has not changed much, but the articles have evolved through the ages. With having the articles online now, they will forever be around and not get lost. Being able to look through the old articles does give inspiration for the new articles. “I think the old articles are so fun to look through and are a great way to find inspiration for new articles,” says Abby Reed. Getting to look through those articles shows how much the classes from the 1980’s and how much they accomplished.