Trivial Pursuit


Madeline Boyd, reporter

Saturday, March 12, Wayne City History Club hosted their 10th annual Trivia Night. It started at 6:00 p.m. and ended at 9:30 p.m., and was a night full of brain rattling questions and laughs with friends. Members of the club set up and tore down, waited tables, gave refreshments, passed out prizes, graded quizzes, and kept score. Junior Grant Lewis says, “Trivia Night is pretty fun, even for the ones not participating. I helped set up and tear down, because they obviously needed my muscles, and helped with the drawing. Plus, I got to spend the night with my friends so I was happy to be there.”

This one night is History Club’s biggest fundraiser and it raised a total of $1,500. Each team costs $100, and normally evens out to $10 a person. All the prizes are donations only, which comes from the businesses of Wayne City and the surrounding towns. That means the club doesn’t have to spend any money on them; what a deal! “The prizes are one of the best parts about the night. I won a pillow, which has quickly become my favorite and my husband won some hair care products, which translates to I won some hair care products,” says Misty Boyd, a participant.

Members and people from the community, even sometimes people outside the community, look forward to this night every year and can hardly wait to get a team assembled. Friends love competing with each other to see who can outsmart each other, but in the end, almost no one goes home empty handed. Competitors often go home with a prize and if not that, then at least some pretty good new memories. Cecelia Choate, sophomore, says, “The week before Trivia Night is kind of stressful because we have to go and get donations, which is fun because we get out of school all day, but it makes me super nervous to go talk to random people. It’s also stressful because my dad stresses and so in turn I get more stressed, of course.”