First Serve


Jovi Horton, Reporter

On Saturday October 1, Wayne City High School hosted their very first junior varsity tournament. It was a round-robin tournament, and it started at 8:30 a.m. It was held in both of Wayne City’s gyms, and there were six teams in the tournament. The teams included, Wayne City, Cisne, Webber, Carmi-White County, Murphysboro, and Johnston City. Carmi-White County got first place, and Murphysboro got second place. Wayne City’s junior varsity coach Matt Griswold said, “Our first annual JV tournament was a great success! There was great competition, and I cannot wait until next year’s tournament!” Wayne City’s own FFA sold food throughout the day a few items being, chicken on the beach, breakfast pizza, barbecue, and donuts.

The Wayne City High School varsity volleyball team kept score for the games and took tickets at the door. Wayne City’s JV team went 2-3 at the tournament. They beat Cisne and Webber, and they lost to Johnston City, Carmi-White County, and Murphysboro. Junior junior varsity player Graceland Loker said, “This JV tournament was so much fun! Even though we did not win it was still such a good day and it was great that we finally got to have a tournament at our school instead of having to travel to other schools.” Even though Wayne City did not win the day, still went over so well that it will be an annual tournament. Ayden Smith, a junior JV player stated, “I wish we would’ve done better in the tournament, but I was still proud of how everyone played throughout the day.”