Basketball is Back


Ashton Hess, Reporter

The Wayne City High School boys basketball team officially starts conditioning on October 5 after school from 3:15 until 4:00. This means the beginning of basketball season and the students and staff could not be more excited. The team prepared all summer during tournaments where they got to play against bigger teams or other teams they do not play during the normal season. They had tournaments in Wayne City, Benton, Vandalia, Fort Branch, and Dexter. The team’s summer record was 12-11 with a winning record. “I thought we had a successful summer and had a lot of guys step up to take the place of the ones gone from last year’s team. I’m really anxious to get going with conditioning, to get back in the gym, and to work on our game,” comments Athletic Director Jake Talbert. The team has a totally new attitude this year and is feeling confident with their skills in the upcoming season. “We will honestly probably be undefeated,” said senior Jonny Durham, “and no doubt win every tournament we will play in.” Although the team lost some valuable assets and great friends, some of the players have been putting in work all summer to make up for what was lost and even go beyond that.  “We are for sure going to have a good season with all the work and hours I have put in the lab. I never realized how much of a beast I was until Mr. McKinney left. I truly am an unstoppable force,” stated senior Justin Durham.