Stay True


Brea Nettleton, Reporter

The Red Ribbon team is a group of people involving any high school student from freshman to Senior who wants to help students take pride in helping and make a difference in the school. The Red Ribbon program promotes a drug-free school. Wayne City High School has developed a team that includes students in each grade from 9-12 along with teachers and school staff.  Members of the group were excited about the upcoming Red Ribbon Week. “We enjoy celebrating Red Ribbon Week with our school and encouraging each other to make positive choices,” said Mrs. Kissner, Sponsor of the Red Ribbon Team.

The week kicks off on October 24 with ‘Merica Monday. The team encourages students to wear as much Red, White, and Blue possible. The rest of the week has other fun dress up days including BBQ Dads and Sports Moms on October 25, and Adams Sandler day or ( Comfy Casual or Team Jersey) on October 26, and Little Miss  and Mr. Day on October 27.  The group hopes everyone who dresses will be inspired to join the Red Ribbon Team and hopes to have a lot of fun. By joining and being involved with Red Ribbon week, people will want to be part of it and get rewarded after accomplishing something they took part in. Students will have fun and start encouraging other people around them to do the same!